Our Story

Welcome to the sweet life

We believe in living life to the sweetest.
We believe in having a second margarita.
We believe in celebrating all of life's moments.
We believe in keeping things real.
We believe in putting the cherry on top.

Live the sweet life—it'll make you Swoon.

Some whisper sweet nothings—we shout them.

Swoon is a new take on your old favorites. A tasty, deliciously healthier alternative to the lemonades and iced teas you grew up with.  But at our core, we’re so much more than a line of zero-sugar beverages.

Ever since one of our co-founders Jen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a young age, she was on the hunt to find delicious, zero-sugar drink alternatives, (with little success.)

In 2015, that all began to change over drinks with our other co-founder, Cristina.

Ultimately, we wanted to change the idea that zero-sugar meant flavorless, or that living a healthy lifestyle meant missing out entirely.

So we worked tirelessly to find the best tasting, 100% natural sugar alternative for bringing your favorite flavors into the modern era.

And through developing our innovative process to leverage the natural sweetness of monk fruit to bring the flavors we always loved to life, Swoon was born.

Jen & Cristina


We’ve proud to partner with the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club to provide their Clubhouses and Food Pantries with Swoon to help reduce sugar consumption for today’s youth.

For every case of Swoon Lemonade sold online, we’ll donate one can to Madison Boys & Girls Club. By decreasing your own sugar intake, you’re helping someone else decrease theirs.

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