Welcome to
the sweet life

We believe in living life to the sweetest.
We believe in having a second margarita.
We believe in celebrating all of life's moments.
We believe in keeping things real.
We believe in putting the cherry on top.


Live the sweet life—it'll make you Swoon.

Some whisper sweet nothings—we shout them.

Swoon was founded for one simple reason: Sugar is bad, but sweetness is great. Ever since Jen was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a kid, she’s looked at nutrition labels in the hopes of finding products that are delicious, natural and don’t raise her blood sugar (To be fair, it was mostly her mom doing it at the start). And now she’s not alone. We’re all on the hunt for food and drinks that provide the taste of mouthwatering sweetness, with zero sugar.
After meeting in business school, we embarked on a quest to take down sugar. We started with cocktails, since nobody was paying attention to all of the sugar—the same amount as in a Snickers bar—in margaritas, mojitos and Moscow mules. We knew our cocktails had to taste as good as our favorite drinks and have the balance that only sweetness gives.
After getting our signature cocktails right, we wanted more. There’s no reason to limit the takedown of sugar to a handful of cocktails. We wanted something that took sugar out of our lives morning, noon and night, so we created Swoon, a liquid sugar substitute that has zero sugar and gets its natural, silky sweetness from monk fruit. Whether you’re meeting a friend for coffee, giving a toast at a wedding, or enjoying an ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day, Swoon is the cherry on top. It's all the sweetness you love with none of the hang-ups.

Welcome to the sweet life!
Jen & Cristina