Welcome to
the sweet life

We believe in living life to the sweetest.
We believe in having a second margarita.
We believe in celebrating all of life's moments.
We believe in keeping things real.
We believe in putting the cherry on top.


Live the sweet life—it'll make you Swoon.

Some whisper sweet nothings—we shout them.

Swoon is on a mission to take sugar out of society. Ever since Jen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a young age, she has been on the hunt to find delicious, zero sugar drink alternatives. One afternoon in 2015 over drinks, she and Cristina- Jen with her typical skinny margarita and Cristina with her vodka soda with 7 limes (eye roll), got to talking about how all delicious cocktails were also sugar bombs.

While in school, they began to reimagine classic cocktails made better. Think Margaritas, Mojitos, and Moscow Mules, without the sugar. Through their research, they discovered monk fruit, a melon that’s sweet, and doesn’t have the glycemic impact of sugar. They got to work with nutritionists, bartenders and other industry experts to develop the only 100% natural, zero-sugar, zero-calorie simple syrup using an innovative process that leverages the natural sweetness of monk fruit.

From there, Swoon and its mission were born.

Swoon creates beverages that reflect your favorite flavors by combining a love for the classics with a commitment to plant-based ingredients, delivering delicious, refreshing drinks that always taste great. Unlike other zero sugar drinks, Swoon doesn’t use artificial sweeteners or ingredients to achieve great taste.

Throughout their journey, Jen and Cristina have continued their advocacy and education around diabetes, a largely preventable disease that affects one-in-ten Americans and often goes hand in hand with sugar consumption.

For each case of Swoon Lemonade sold, Swoon will donate a can of our zero sugar drinks to the Food Bank for NY. This ultimately replaces high-sugar juices in meals and reduces sugar consumption for those in need.

At its very core, Swoon is about celebration. It’s about focusing on your friend’s birthday toast instead of focusing on how much sugar is in your glass. It’s about having a second can of lemonade on a hot summer day, just because you can. And it’s about Jen (and so many others in her position) being able to have the same drink as the rest of her friends, at every age.

Welcome to the sweet life!

Jen & Cristina