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Sugar is bad,
but sweetness is great.

Swoon is about the feeling. The feeling you get when you stop second guessing and start celebrating.


Try our zero sugar simple syrup and zero sugar mixers—they'll make you Swoon.


Go on,
have another.

We don't believe in sugar, but we also don't believe in artificial ingredients.


That’s why Swoon uses monk fruit, a naturally sweet melon, to give all of our beverages just the right amount of sweetness. Keep your lattes sweet, have a second  can of lemonade, and just enjoy that margarita. We’re here to make things simple.

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They're Swooning

Katzie Guy-Hamilton

Food and Beverage Director, Equinox

"I love Swoon and it is a staple in my fridge. Swoon took the Cinnamon Carrot Lemonade from Clean Enough and made it sing. Swoon is the answer to your simple needs.”

Abby Hepworth

Editor, PureWow

“It’s nice that since it’s a liquid, it actually dissolves in your drink, and unlike a lot of artificial sweeteners, there isn’t a weird aftertaste. It’s the closest thing to real sugar that I’ve tried so far.”

Jai Lott

Senior Director, Bluestone Lane

"Swoon tastes just like sugar, only it’s not. It’s better. I’m always trying to find ingredients that are delicious, natural and integrate seamlessly into the drink. Swoon’s liquid sweetness passed all of my tests."

Lucas Robinson

Beverage Director, Catch

"I always have customers that come into Catch looking for delicious cocktails that don't have any sugar. In the past, those two never went hand in hand but Swoon has changed that. I'm excited to have Swoon as an option behind our bar."  

Serena Wolf

Author, "The Dude Diet"

"Swoon is a godsend for those of us who appreciate the joys of a slightly sweeter cocktail but are less enamored with the refined sugar in traditional simple syrup. It’s the product I didn’t know was missing from my bar and now can’t live without."

Ben Higgins

Founder, Generous Coffee

"For most of my life, I’ve been drinking my coffee black. To this day I still drink my coffee black, unless I use Swoon. It only enhances my coffee drinking experience."

Hannah Habes

CEO, Matchaful

"Swoon is easy to add to almost any recipe and has a balanced and lightly sweet taste. A lot of stevia and monkfruit that I've tried can have a strong aftertaste or is too potent. Swoon has just the right amount of sweetness with no bad aftertaste!"


"There’s a very good reason we’re all swooning for Swoon. Made from monk fruit (a melon rich in antioxidants), this zero-cal cocktail aid adds just the right amount of natural sweetness without the sugary hangover."

We're On A Mission to
Take Sugar Out of Society

This starts with replacing your favorite sugary drinks - like the lemonade you  enjoyed as a kid - without sacrificing sweetness. That’s why we’ve  partnered with the Food Bank For New York City to provide their meals with Swoon’s zero sugar Lemonade. For every 12 cans of Swoon Lemonade sold, we’ll donate one  can to the Food Bank. By decreasing your own sugar intake, you’re helping someone else decrease theirs. A healthier society  starts with a healthy you.