Zero Sugar

Lemonades & Iced Tea

A full line of refreshments made to improve your day without harming your health

Why Swoon?

The Variety Pack

12 Cans, 3 of each flavor

      • Peach Tea 🍑
      • Pink Lemonade 🍓
      • Half Iced Tea, Half Lemonade 🌓
      • Classic Lemonade 🍋


Immunity Support 💪: Each can comes packed with your daily recommended Vitamin C.


Keto Approved ✅: Less than 5 calories per can and 0 carbs. Sweetened with Monk Fruit = 0 sugar!


All Natural 🌎: No GMOs here! We use only premium natural ingredients from start to finish.

  1. It's naturally sweet with no sugar or calories
  2. No artificial aftertaste
  3. GMO Free
  4. Full of antioxidants