Go on, have another.
Carbs Against Humanity

Carbs Against Humanity is the game for people who participate in wellness trends...but still want to poke fun at them. Do you prefer to finish off your yoga session with a burger? Same here.

*Not Affiliated with Cards Against Humanity™. Intended as parody.

Recipe eBook

You know the feeling when you want to make a drink, but want to stray away from your usual cocktail but don't want to make anything too complex? It's a complicated feeling. That's why we're making it easier.


All of your favorite recipes, all in one place. With a delicious drink or dessert on every page, we're giving you tons of easy, mouthwatering, zero sugar recipes that will make you Swoon morning, noon, and night.

Swoon Hat
We wear a lot of hats, and now we're wearing one more. Our embroidered lavender Swoon hats are the perfect addition to your happy hour outfit.